Health & Safety

We pride ourselves on our health and safety practises and procedures. Our staff and clients are of our first importance, and we are committed to acheiving and maintaining the highest standard of health, safety and welfare at all times by following UK Health and Safety Guidelines and Legislation.

Our health and safety practices include:

  • ensuring the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided and used by our staff;
  • maintaining all vehicles, plant, and machinery to the highest standard;
  • maintaining safe working conditions;
  • providing accurate and appropriate training to all members of staff;
  • ensuring all hazardous substances are handled and dealt with in the correct manner;
  • ensuring the health and safety procedures are up to date in conjunction with the UK legislation;
  • providing the appropriate control of health and safety issues that may arise due to our working activities;
  • reviewing procedures regularly to provide the highest standard of health and safety to customers and staff.

All our drivers have a MPQC Driver Skills card. The training leading to the achievement of this card has been designed specifically to increase the safety awareness of drivers and to encourage safe behaviour at industry sites, delivery sites and on the road.


General Statement of Intent

Mark Luck Ltd (the "Company") considers the promotion of Health and Safety as a mutual objective for both the Company and employees. Supplementary to this General Statement of Intent, as necessary, there will be specific policies and procedures describing, in detail, health and safety provisions for individual departments and divisions.

It is the policy of the Company, so far as is reasonably practicable, to ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of its employees. The Company also accepts a legal and moral duty to provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, healthy and safe working conditions for all staff.

The Company further acknowledges that it shares a duty of care with and for customers, and others, where circumstances indicate that such shared responsibility for general health and safety is appropriate.

The Company will seek to achieve, with managers and staff, general principles of safety management, awareness and compliance through the management structure. The Company

specifically requires all staff to cooperate with managers, supervisors other appointed individuals and colleague’s in respect of safety initiatives and procedures and to demonstrate a positive, proactive approach to all safety issues.

The Company will seek to provide adequate and safe equipment, for use by its employees.

In particular the Company recognises its responsibility to provide training and instruction to enable employees to perform their work safely and to maintain a continuing and progressive awareness of Health and Safety. The Company will take into account all statutory requirements for the provision of Health and Safety and to consult and involve employees in Health and Safety matters.

The Company also acknowledges that its employees have responsibility within the Health and Safety at Work Act. Employees are required to abide by their legal duty to fully comply and co-operate with the achievement of safety objectives and any failure to do so will be treated as a disciplinary offence. Their involvement will include but not be limited to:

following all Health and Safety Policy, Procedures and Safe Systems of work;

working safely at all times with due consideration to all persons effected by their actions;

reporting incidents that have lead or may lead to injury or damage.