Enivromental Policy

Environmental policy

We are committed to protecting the environment in all its business activities and uphold the prevention of pollution and protection of the environment as fundamental to its business activities.

We acknowledge and accept our legal requirements and have programs and procedures in place to assist compliance. These include training and testing of employees, exchanging information, participating in business sector groups and identifying new practices or methods to improve stated aims.

Environmental protection

We are committed to protecting the environment through the services in a manner that is protective of human health and the environment. We will eliminate or minimise any releases into the atmosphere, land or water in amounts that may result in harm to the health of the public and the environment. We will instruct employees to further their understanding of environmental matters and to promote job performance on all environmental matters.

Risk reduction

We will undertake business activities in a manner designed to minimise hazards to the environment and risk to our employees and others in the vicinity of our operations through safe working practices and operating procedures. Our drivers receive training on emergency procedures, providing them with knowledge to help in emergency situations. We will make available to all employees information related to any undertaking or operation that we believe may have adverse environmental consequences or present health or safety hazards.

We require and encourage employees to report any condition that may create a danger to the environment and will provide, if required, a confidential means to do so.

Waste reduction and recycling

We will endeavour to use environmentally safe transportation and disposal services to minimise the volume of waste generated by our activities and will implement and manage recycling programs. As a priority, we will seek and explore opportunities to recycle waste.