Mark Luck: new Volvo truck is “best vehicle I‘ve ever driven”

May 13, 2015

Mark Luck, director of family-owned Mark Luck Limited, says his company’s new Volvo truck“drives like a car”and is “the best vehicle I‘ve ever driven”.
Mark is no stranger to Volvo trucks, having operated a fleet of vehicles produced by the Swedish manufacturer since 1996.

It does about 10% off-road work and we’ve never had it stuck. We’ve had no problems with the air suspension off road and Volvo’s dynamic steering makes it absolutely effortless to drive.”

“You can even drive off-road with just one finger on the steering wheel, if you wanted to,” he adds.

“It’s really easy to drive in London traffic too, and we’ve had no issues with ground clearance, which is very good from all angles.”
One particular feature of the new truck is the I-Shift automated gearbox. “I-Shift is virtually maintenance-free,” says Mark, adding: “I wouldn’t change from it and now we specify I-Shift on all our Volvos.”

“Volvos are the best truck on the road for construction. We’ve had a 100% Volvo policy for twenty years. For quality, driveability and durability, there’s nothing better than a Volvo.”