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Affordable Top Soil Supplied To Kent, Sussex Or London 

When it comes to supplying high quality, graded topsoil, Mark Luck Ltd are one of the most reliable companies around. We have a fleet of over 45 vehicles and can deliver high-grade soil in a range of different quantities. We tailor our deliveries to suit the needs of your site and can offer bulk amounts for large commercial projects and grab bags for smaller domestic projects. Contact us for pricing information now for economy topsoil, blended topsoil, subsoil and more. Quality topsoil is a mere click away when you work with us.

Where there’s Muck, there’s Luck!

Soil Being Shovelled Into A Wheelbarrow

Certificated topsoil, economy topsoil and blended soil from a reputable supplier in Kent

At Mark Luck, we believe that quality topsoil should be available at a competitive price. Our BS SPEC supplier uses in-house expertise to create consistent, high-quality and cost effective topsoil, certified to industry standard BS3882 and CLEA model. The soil undergoes laboratory testing for physical and chemical analysis as well as a thorough contamination assessment, so you can buy with confidence. What’s more, our helpful team can offer you up-to-date and industry specific insights into how you should be using our topsoil products.


Our supplier meets NHBC standards, where this soil is now the first choice for many construction industry leaders. We can also provide you with good quality, responsibly sourced screened soil, which is screened down to 8 mm. This comes with a clean soil report, ideal for residential and home-grown produce, which can be an ideal option if you don’t want to pay the BS SPEC soil rate.

Find the right topsoil specifications and quantities to suit your needs


Certified soil to BS3882 specification and

meeting NHBC standards


Our certified topsoil is good quality soil supplied with a certificate of analysis


Screened soil is still great quality screened soil, supplied without a certificate


An alternative to screened soils – occasionally supplied with certificate of analysis

Get in touch to check our prices and order your topsoil.

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