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FAQs From Mark Luck Ltd. Grab Hire and Tipper Services in Kent and London

There is a reason why we are one of the leading grab hire and tipper truck specialists in The South East. Find out more by getting in touch or check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below! We offer a range of hire services, we deliver specialist construction materials and we even provide muckaway and clearances! Why wait? Get in touch for a quote now.

Where there’s Muck, there’s Luck!

If you still have a query, don't hesitate to get in touch with Mark Luck Ltd today, we are happy to help!

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  • What do rubbish removal services do?
    A rubbish removal service will handle the task of dealing with any unwanted waste on your property. Here at Mark Luck, we offer a comprehensive rubbish removal service.
  • How does site clearance work?
    Site clearance is an essential aspect of any home improvement project. Here at Mark Luck, we handle the process from clearing the site to disposing of the waste.
  • What are haulage services?
    Sometimes in construction projects and other similar sectors, you will need large-scale removals of waste or aggregate deliveries which is where a haulage service comes in.
  • Why is waste management important?
    Waste management is essential for maintaining a safe and efficient site as it is all too easy for you to lose control of your site's waste management.
  • Why should I choose grab hire?
    Grab hire is an essential part of any construction project from groundwork to deliveries these trucks allow you to transport and unload material quickly.
  • What do aggregate suppliers do?
    Aggregate suppliers provide an essential part of any building process as these materials help to create the groundwork for large building projects.
  • What’s the difference between primary aggregates and secondary aggregates?
    Primary aggregates are sourced directly from stones such as limestone and gravel quarries whereas secondary aggregates are sourced from sources which do not come from direct excavation.
  • How is building waste removal carried out?
    Usually a large team of trained professionals will arrive at your site with large removal lorries and haulage equipment allowing for fast and efficient removal.
  • Is topsoil better than compost?
    Admittedly compost has more nutrients than topsoil. However, topsoil is much more efficient at retaining its structure and moisture levels.
  • Where can I find bulk bags?
    Here at Mark Luck, we provide a wide range of bulk bags for our customers. What’s more, offer this service with next day delivery.
  • What is the appropriate way to get rid of demolition waste?
    When dealing with demolition waste you need to hire an experienced and well-equipped team to deal with your waste safely and quickly.
  • What is a muck away service?
    During a construction project you will need to remove any unwanted topsoil and other debris from the site which is where a muck away service comes in.
  • What is the purpose of a tipper truck?
    A tipper truck allows the driver and the team to deliver large quantities of aggregates or soil while being able to unload the materials with ease.
  • Where are building aggregates most commonly used?
    Building aggregates are most often used to create concrete and cement while they can also be used in general groundwork projects.
  • What are the top uses for sharp sand?
    There are many uses for sharp sand though some of the key areas would be the creation of renders and cement for building projects.
  • How far can a grab reach?
    General rule of thumb a grab can reach 5 metres.
  • What counts as INERT?
    Inert counts as natural soils which can have a small bit of concrete and brick or stone but no rubbish, vegetation, Tarmac® or asbestos.
  • How wide are your trucks?
    HGV trucks are 2.8 metres wide.
  • What is an ETA?
    An ETA is estimated time of arrival.
  • How tall are your vehicles?
    A tipper is 12 feet tall, grab would be 14 feet and then an artic is 15.5 feet tall.
  • What is the carrying capacity of your vehicles?
    A tipper lorry can carrying around 19 tonnes, a grab vehicle can carry 16 tonnes and Arctic tipper can carry 28.5 tonnes. (models vary slightly).
  • What are gross weight of your vehicles?
    The gross weight of our vehicles are 32 tonnes on a grab and tipper>the artic gross weight is 44 tonnes.
  • How big are your truck tipper bodies?
    A tipper body is around 14m3, a grab body is around 12m3 and artic tipper is about 20m3
  • What areas do you cover?
    We cover all areas in the south east of England i.e. Kent, Essex, Surrey, East Sussex and London, but we strive to cover all other areas where possible.
  • What is your lead time?
    As a general rule of thumb its 24 hours’ notice but would be advised to give 48 hours’ notice to avoid disappointment.
  • What is the smallest load you can carry?
    Ideally the smallest load we can do is 1 tonne but it would cost more due to haulage been spread over 1 tonne rather than a full load.
  • What loose building materials can you supply?
    We can supply all primary and recycled materials loose or bagged, but we do pride our selves that we can supply any primary materials such as decorative or utility materials
  • What is the conversion rates for m3 into tonnes?
    On average you 1.5 tonnes to a m3.
  • What do we do if we have access issues for the Aggregate delivery?
    We run a diverse fleet of tipper which can usually accommodate all types of terrain and access restrictions. If you are unsure, call our Aggregate department on 01322 613355 and they’ll be happy to assist.
  • Are Bulk Bag collections available?
    Yes, this can be arranged but we would advise that it is booked ahead by calling our Aggregate sales team on 01322 613355. A suitable vehicle will be required.
  • What's the dimensions of your Bulk Bags?
    Approximately 0.75m3 coverage – 95cm x 95cm x 95cm per bag dimensions.
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