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Articulated Lorry Hire And Road Haulage Services

If you are looking for a trusted, reliable specialist that can offer articulated haulage services, get in touch with Mark Luck Ltd. With depots in South East London and Kent, we have a fleet of safe, modern and adaptable vehicles that provide the transportation services you need for any type of building and construction material.

Where there’s Muck, there’s Luck!

Fleet vehicles and haulage services tailored to you

Two Artics - KBF and RVE

As professional bulk haulers, Mark Luck Ltd is committed to providing the highest possible standard of service at the most competitive rates. Whether you’re organising efficient flatbed trailer hire for an ambitious project, searching for local haulage services or acquiring multiple low loader trailers, our ever-expanding vehicle fleet is sure to impress.


Our fleet of modern articulated lorries and other bulk haulers are well maintained, and our own drivers are trained, qualified and experienced. We are specialists in the transportation of any material that can be carried on an aluminium 30 tonne tipping body. This is a good option if you want large quantities of materials as an artic can carry up to 30 tonnes.


We are a well-established company with a great reputation, with depots in South East London, and Kent. Our modern fleet are all LEZ (Lower emissions zone) and chapter 8 compliant, fitted with on-board weighing systems and four way accident cameras.


We take pride in our vehicles, and because they are looked after so well, breakdowns are kept to an absolute minimum, so we won’t let you down. We are specialists in the transportation of any material that can be carried in bulk, so simply give us a call for any hire enquiries.

Trailer Applications; Which trailer should you hire?


Tipping trailers, with weigh loaders and automatic tailgates, are used to carry up to 30 tonnes of quarried aggregates such as sand, gravel and shingle.


Low-loader trailers are used to carry plant and vehicles.

Whatever your haulage requirements, please give us a call, and we can provide you with a quote as required.


6X2 rear-lift tractor units (44 tonnes) are configured to maximise payload and offer reduced tyre wear. Driven on twin wheels, they are suitable for all site conditions.

Get in touch for pricing information and quotes for articulated haulage and lorry hire. Contact Mark Luck Ltd

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