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5 Top Uses For Topsoil In Your Own Back Garden

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Now we are well and truly in spring and summer is almost here, many of us will be in our back gardens pruning, planting and preparing for a season of growing. Whether you want to get your autumn vegetables planted or decorate your garden with glorious flowers of all colours, you’ll likely be looking for ways to improve and enhance your gardening skills. From a flowerbed of wildflowers to tasty root vegetables, the best way to ensure your garden thrives is to feed it with the very best nutrients you can. This is where topsoil comes in handy, no matter what kind of land you live on, topsoil will help ensure your plants get what they need so that your garden will be good enough to win awards.

Pile of topsoil

What is topsoil?

Topsoil is the uppermost layer of the ground. It is usually the top 2-10 inches and offers a lot of nutrients and fertile soil. You can buy topsoil from topsoil suppliers who gather and package the top layer. It can vary in quality depending on where it is harvested but most topsoil suppliers will be able to provide you with the very best topsoil. Mainly, it is important that no additional organic matter has been added to it and it is just basic topsoil.

Garden soil, on the other hand, is topsoil that has organic matter added to it. This is ideal for your garden as it has been specifically produced to offer your plants everything they need. Things such as compost, peat and bark shredding are added to make it optimal for garden growing. Obviously, you can add this yourself to the quality topsoil you get from your supplier and make the perfect mix for whatever it is you would like to grow.

When to use topsoil and when to use garden soil

You will need to use topsoil in areas that don’t already have a good layer of soil on them. Perhaps areas that are low spots or as a base layer for places that are already missing a foundation of soil. In many areas of your garden, you will likely already have plenty of topsoil so you don’t need to add any more. If you put topsoil into your garden you will still need to add extra compost or manure in order for your plants to thrive. You can add garden soil to your garden on top of your topsoil or you can add extra organic matter to the top layer of soil in your garden.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your garden, here are five uses for topsoil.

Create a greenery fence

One way you can optimise your topsoil is by creating a greenery fence around the perimeter of your garden. Rather than using typical fencing, why not create a luscious green border that incorporates local plants? Not only will it look great, but it will also offer you some added privacy from your neighbours and passers-by. Vines and climber plants are ideal for this purpose because they don’t take up too much space but can still grow fairly thick to provide you with a solid barrier. If your home is on a busy road or deals with a lot of pedestrians, this is an eco-friendly way to give your home some privacy. It will also bring more birds and wildlife into your garden which is always a great thing.

Promote the growth of healthy grass

Is your grass looking lacklustre? While warm and dry summers are always welcome, they can leave grass patchy and far from luscious. If you only have a small garden you can often make it look much more vibrant by giving the grass some extra care. This may be because the soil your grass is growing in is lacking in the much-needed nutrients, so is not promoting much growth. Instead, add some fresh topsoil to your lawn and add more grass seed and you’ll soon see bright, green grass popping up all over. Don’t forget to water it regularly and your garden will be looking great, ready for all the summer barbecues you might want to host.

Refresh your old plant pots

Once summer ends, the plants in our garden often die down during the cold weather. You may notice that any plant pots containing plants or soil are more affected than the rest of your garden. This is because they are not connected to the rest of the earth that contains nutrients. When you’re ready to start planting again in the spring you can refill your plant pots with topsoil to bring them back to life. There’s no point in planting fresh plants in dead soil that has no nutrients, so make sure to fill them up with topsoil or add compost to create the ideal garden soil for growing.

Plant a tree

Every year we usually think about what we want our garden to look like but we don’t always think long-term. Usually focussing on plants that will add to our garden this summer, but why not think about the future of your garden? Perhaps you have just brought your house and you would like your children or grandchildren to play on a rope swing in the future. If you plant a tree now, in several years it will have grown to a grand size and you will be able to reap the benefits. In order to ensure it gets the best start, make sure to plant your tree in a healthy layer of quality topsoil and add extras such as compost. You could also plant a fruit tree such as a cherry or apple tree which is a great addition and can give you an endless supply of delicious fruit every year.

Create a mini allotment

No need to pay for allotment space, even if you only have a small garden. You can create a small vegetable patch in a metre-by-metre square. Here you could grow lettuce, carrots or onions easily. Maybe you want to create a small herb garden too. All you need is some quality topsoil and your seeds and you can bring to life a vibrant garden full of delicious food to eat. You will even be able to reap the benefits for years to come as you are setting up your garden to grow beautifully every single year afterwards.

Where can you find quality topsoil?

Topsoil can be found in many places, but if you are in need of a large amount, it’s best to find a topsoil supplier that can supply quality topsoil in large quantities. Look for a local plant hire or construction company near you. They will often deal with topsoil removal for a variety of projects they work on so will always have a quality supply. Check out their website or give them a call to discuss buying topsoil. As it is a waste product of the construction industry it is often sold at cheaper prices and allows you to use it in your garden in a variety of ways.

Construction waste removal and grab hire in London

Mark Luck Ltd are a rubbish removal and plant hire company based in London, providing a range of quality services. Whether you need topsoil, aggregates, building materials, rubbish clearance or any other construction service, we can help you out. With years of experience in the industry, we know exactly how to help you and your business. Get in touch today to learn more.

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