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Articulated Haulage Services: Which Trailer Should You Hire?

From hauling bulk material to plant machinery, road haulage services are incredibly useful in a range of situations. Using articulated lorries, these services are ideal for meeting the industrial requirements you may have at your construction or agricultural business.

However, the same lorry isn’t suitable for all needs - more specifically, the same lorry trailer isn’t. There are various lorry trailers that could be used to meet your haulage needs, including:

  • Tipping trailers

  • Low-loader trailers

  • Rear-lift tractor units

We’ll look at each of these, discussing what they’re commonly used for so that you can determine which will be most suitable for your personal requirements.

Tipping Trailers

Our 30-yard alloy tipping trailers are used to carry up to 30-tonnes of loose aggregates, such as sand, gravel and shingle. They also feature weigh loaders and automatic tailgates, ensuring an accurate reading of the amount of aggregates being loaded whilst offering easy unloading of cargo.

As you likely know, tipping trailers lift up and tilt at a 45 degree angle, allowing for loose cargo to be easily unloaded onto construction sites. This is why this trailer type is most commonly used to haul aggregates, rather than large, bulky items, which is worth considering if you do require a shipment of aggregates.

Low-Loader Trailers

Low-loader trailers are a type of flatbed trailer that are designed specifically to carry large and heavy industrial goods, equipment or machinery, such as plant machinery or other vehicles.

They are designed to be much lower to the ground compared to normal trailers (hence their name), which allows the items they’re designed to carry to be more easily loaded onto them, given that these tend to be large and heavy.

If it’s plant machinery, vehicles or abnormal loads that you require to be hauled, then a low-loader trailer is likely to be the most suitable for this.

Rear-Lift Tractor Units

Rear-lift tractor units are configured to maximise payload and offer reduced tyre wear, making for a more efficient haulage journey. Here at Mark Luck, we use 6x2 rear-lift tractor units that can hold 44-tonnes. They are driven on twin wheels and are suitable for all site conditions.

These units work by using a rear-lift axle. This allows some tyres to be lifted off the road when they aren’t required to support the load. When the load is particularly heavy, then these axles can be placed back down so that all wheels are in contact with the road, thus helping to distribute the weight of the load, whilst improving the fuel economy and reducing tyre wear and road noise.

If you require the haulage of particularly heavy, but not necessarily large or abnormal loads, then a rear-lift tractor unit will probably be best to suit your needs.

Articulated Lorry Hire

Whatever your haulage needs, we’ve got you covered here at Mark Luck with our articulated lorry hire. With a fleet of safe, modern and adaptable vehicles, we can provide the transportation services you need for any type of building and construction material across the South-East.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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