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Articulated Lorries: Design Features Of An Essential Vehicle

Long distance haulage is the backbone of our economy, where large transportation trucks travel across the country to ensure that various goods and materials can arrive where they are needed. This process involves long working hours and specially designed vehicles so that large volumes of items can be moved in one trip.


Articulated lorries are the main vehicle type used for heavy haulage, where these trucks consist of a cab and trailer joined by an articulated pivot. The pivot feature allows the vehicle to turn around tight corners, even with a heavy load. This kind of truck has numerous design features that help to make journeys easier - read on to find out more.

Articulated Mechanism

The most distinctive feature of this kind of lorry is the articulation or pivot point between the cab and the rear, where this allows the vehicle to navigate turns more efficiently. The articulation point may also include a fifth wheel coupling, which connects to a corresponding kingpin on the trailer.

Unique Cab Design

The cab of an articulated lorry is designed to accommodate the driver and often includes extra comfort features for long haul journeys. The cab may have aerodynamic features to improve fuel efficiency, as well as modern safety and visibility features such as an advanced driver assistance system.

Specially Designed Trailers

Articulated lorries can have various trailer configurations to suit different transportation needs. Common types include dry vans for general cargo, refrigerated trailers for temperature-sensitive goods, flatbeds for large or heavy items, and tankers for liquids. The trailer design may also include features such as lift gates, side doors, or specialised compartments based on the cargo requirements.

Advanced Braking Systems

This kind of lorry may also employ an advanced braking system to ensure that the vehicle has safe and effective stopping power at its disposal. This often includes air brake systems, anti-lock braking systems and electronic stability control, all of which can enhance braking performance and prevent skidding.

Mark Luck: Articulated Lorry Hire For All Your Transit Needs

At Mark Luck, we offer a comprehensive articulated lorry and plant hire service, so you can find the perfect vehicle for the transportation of your cargo. Our modern fleet are all lower emissions zone  compliant, fitted with on-board weighing systems and four way accident cameras to ensure in-transit safety. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our road haulage services.

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