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Chalk Production: From Extraction To Aggregate Distribution

Our planet provides us with a variety of natural resources that are invaluable to a range of industries. Chalk is one such example, where this sedimentary carbonate rock form is formed when microscopic organisms are compressed on the sea bed over an extended period of time.The alkaline makeup of chalk means that it is useful for adjusting the pH of soil reserves, where it can also be used as a crushed rock aggregate for a range of construction and landscaping projects.


Like many rock based aggregates, chalk must be extracted, sorted and refined before it can be distributed, a process which requires a variety of machinery and the expertise of a large workforce to complete.


Read on to find out more about the chalk manufacturing process, with a look at the stages that take this rock form from deep sea deposits to usable aggregates.

Site Surveys

Before chalk can be extracted, explorative missions must be undertaken in order to locate suitable deposits. These sites will be surveyed in detail in order to assess the quality of the chalk deposit as well as how easy it may be to extract. Extraction teams will then request local permission to mine the site.

Blasting & Extraction

Heavy equipment such as excavators and bulldozers can be used to expose buried chalk deposits. Often these deposits are arranged in layers, where drilling and blasting techniques can be used to break down the chalk into extractable pieces. Explosives can also be used to strategically fracture the rock.


Blasted chalk pieces can be loaded into transportation vehicles to be taken to a designated processing facility. These factories typically contain on-site crushers which are made to break down the chalk into smaller pieces. The crushing process may involve multiple stages in order to achieve the desired size for chalk aggregate products.

Sorting & Distribution

Once the chalk has been crushed to size, it can then be sorted and screened according to quality. This allows it to be sold at different grades and price points, where it will be bagged up accordingly and sent out to various wholesalers. It can then be bought for use in construction, gardening and landscaping projects.

Mark Luck: Premium Aggregate Suppliers For Your Next Project

At Mark Luck, we can supply you with a range of primary aggregates for all your construction and landscaping needs, including screened and ‘as dug’ chalk options. Beyond this, we also offer a selection of recycled aggregates to help you to prioritise sustainability, whatever you’re working on. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our full product range.

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