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Home Renovations: Upgrading a Derelict Home With Plant Hire

Searching for a dream home that ticks all the boxes? Often, the best option is to start from scratch, by renovating a derelict property. These properties can have hidden potential, waiting to be uncovered by the right homeowner. In this article from Mark Luck Ltd, we’ll help you discover everything you need to consider before undertaking a property renovation, from plant hire and garden waste clearance to sourcing quality topsoil. 

Type of Property Renovations

Before beginning a property renovation, it’s vital to determine what type of work needs to be done. Some forms of work can be minimal, while others can result in demolition waste. By knowing what type of changes need to be made, you can easily prepare for hiring the right heavy machinery. Read on to find out more about the different types of renovations possible for outdated homes. 


Some properties have excellent foundations, however, the building materials have become worn and rotten. This can both be unappealing visually and, more importantly, dangerous to live in. Remodelling, thankfully, offers an easy solution to this problem.

Replacing bricks and other materials can help keep the design of the building intact, whilst keeping the home safe. Some older home-building materials are now deemed unsafe, including materials like asbestos. Asbestos is a carcinogenic material, which can also directly affect the lungs and heart if a person is exposed to the material for a long period. 


Often, older homes have attachments and extensions that are no longer needed by the new owners. Garages and attics, for example, are two disused rooms in modern homes, so make the most of the space by converting them into functional spaces. These are known as conversions, which can be done throughout a building.

Similarly, many new property owners choose to renovate entirely different buildings to form homes that work best for them. Abandoned office buildings, for example, can be turned into apartment blocks with the right work and conversion equipment.


While the property itself may be a great option, sometimes the garden and outdoor space are less than aesthetically pleasing. Often, the best way to revamp the green space is to carry out a landscaping project. This could include excavating the soil and building new foundations.

Landscaping can completely revolutionise a property, increasing its value and function simultaneously. Some homeowners opt to add features like ponds and romantic walkways, while others prefer to construct sheds and swimming pools in their green spaces. 


Sometimes, families can sometimes outgrow their homes. Extensions can be greatly beneficial to any home, helping to extend the useful parts of the property. Often, this is because older houses are not equipped to cope with modern life, therefore extending the building can increase its functionality. 

Extensions can be built both diagonally and vertically. Owners of bungalows, for example, may find that the property is no longer serving them as it should, therefore they may choose to add extra rooms upstairs to not take up any garden space. 

Types of Machinery

As soon as you have determined the type of renovation you need for your property, you will need to select the machinery needed for the job. With a variety of equipment available to hire or purchase, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with choice. In this section of the article, we will cover some of the most important tools and how they can be used in a renovation project.


When thinking about cranes, it can be easy to solely imagine large and heavy vehicles that are used on commercial construction sites. Fortunately, there are various types of cranes available, making them perfect for any job. The applications of cranes are versatile, so consider them for your next renovation project.

Mini cranes are excellent tools for lifting delicate materials, as well as heavy goods. Glass pane handling, for example, is a difficult task when done by hand, particularly for oversized panes. Instead opting for a crane is a great idea, easily but carefully transporting the pane upward making it readily available for installation.


Digging at tough ground can be near impossible when attempted by hand, so choosing the right tool for the job can save you both time and money. Excavators are specifically designed for this purpose, equipped with a hydraulic arm that can break and scoop tough ground. These vehicles run on fuel, with simple operation and advanced technology acting as particular benefits.

Excavators come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easier to select the perfect one for your project. Mini excavators, for example, are compact options which can be used both indoors and outdoors, thanks to their smaller dimensions. Demolition excavators, on the other hand, are large tools with comfortably sized cabs, great for large projects where entire buildings need to be destroyed.

Grab Lorry

Carried out a garden waste clearance and not sure what to do with the leftover rubbish? Grab lorries are an excellent solution, easily picking up the leftover materials and storing them until they can be transported for disposal.

Compared to other waste disposal methods, grab lorry is an advantageous option. With a built-in arm, the lorry itself can be used to grab heavy waste materials, saving your employees from the strain of attempting to carry dangerous leftover rubbish. Similarly, demolition waste solutions such as skips cannot be moved from the location they were dropped off, due to company contractual agreements. Grab lorries, on the other hand, can travel around the site, making waste management easier and more efficient.

Purchasing New Materials

Once any demolition work has been carried out on your property, new materials will need to be bought to take the place of the past products. From shingles to cement, the right materials are essential to fully renovating a property and achieving the ideal result. In this section, you learn which materials you need to consider for your next project.

Structural Materials

On large demolition projects, starting from the very beginning can feel like a daunting process. A new foundation will need to be built to effectively support the new property, which can be incredibly intimidating. Thankfully, aggregates can be used in the process of forming a foundation.

Aggregates are made up of broken-up building materials, including tarmac and concrete. As a construction material, recycled aggregates are an effective way to use up any leftover materials and prevent unnecessary production of new aggregates. They can also be used to provide foundations for road building and driveways, making access to your renovated home more reliable.

Roofing Supplies

In derelict and abandoned properties, often the roofing has suffered immensely. Holes and damaged shingles can let in water and wildlife, which results in further damage to the property. Damp and mould can be difficult to get rid of, so ensure you won’t need to face the problem again with reliable roofing supplies.

Shingle suppliers should be able to provide you with the roofing materials needed to create the perfect renovated home. From the professionals, you can ask for advice and support too, ensuring that you receive the right products for the job.

Garden Products

After the upheaval of a garden, it can be beneficial to involve new and recycled materials in your new design. Gravel, sand and stone, for example, can make fantastic walkways in your garden, while remaining unintrusive to any local wildlife that may stop by. These can also make great options for decorative ponds, giving your garden a natural air.

Once the soil has been rearranged and disturbed, it can be difficult to continue the growth of any flowers in your garden. In this instance, it can be best to opt for high-quality topsoil, which provides a fertile and nutrient-filled base for your new plants to begin the growing process. This will help them flourish into beautiful blooms later on, making your garden the envy of all your new neighbours.

Our Company

At Mark Luck Ltd, we believe in helping our customers achieve their ideal home. From plant hire services to supplying recycled aggregates, we offer a range of services tailored to assisting construction projects. If you’re worried about demolition waste, for example, our team of experts offer a waste away service, quickly and efficiently removing rubbish while you proceed with your project. 

To find out more about our building materials and services, please visit our website. Here, you can also find more information about us, and even meet our team. For further information and support, please get in touch with our staff directly today.

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