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How to Make Use of the Rain in Your Garden: Shingles, Slugs and More

Undoubtedly, the UK encounters a lot of rain every year. On average, we receive approximately 800 mm to 1,400 mm per year across the country. So rather than letting it dampen the mood, how can we make the most of it to enhance our gardens and create beautiful outdoor spaces? It can assist with harvesting and creating beautiful lawns.


Here are our tips for making the most of the rain in your garden.

Heavy rain

Before rain

When there is a rain forecast, you can prepare in order to optimise its advantages. This includes protecting plants that are in a delicate stage. Use waterproof materials such as a tarpaulin to create a protective shield for your plants. Make sure there is proper sloping to channel rainwater away and safeguard the fragile growth of these botanical newcomers. Ensure you create proper drainage around your garden using shingles and aggregates. If your garden has too much solid paving, it can be hard for the rainwater to drain, so using shingles and primary aggregates can help you avoid flooding and protect your plants.

During the rain

Once it has started raining, it's a good idea to bring plants from inside to the outside so they can enjoy the refreshing rainwater. Fresh rainwater is nourishing and revitalising - leading to healthier growth. This helps bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor gardening and creates a holistic approach to plant care. A water butt helps you collect this rainwater and offers a sustainable and cost-effective way to water your garden.

After the rain

Once the rain has stopped you can go back out and attend to your garden. Keep an eye out for any slugs or snails that may pose a risk to your plants. The good news is that slugs and snails can be stopped by using hard scratchy materials such as building sand, shingles or other aggregates. You should also mix your compost and pull out any weeds after the rain.


Do you need primary aggregates, shingles or building sand? Mark Luck Ltd has everything you need including waste disposal services and plant hire. Get in touch today to learn more.

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