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Plant Machinery - Hiring vs Buying

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Plant machinery is incredibly useful for businesses, helping with a wide range of tasks that either cannot be accomplished by a person individually or would take a long time to do if left for manual labour.

The big debate when it comes to plant machinery is whether to buy or hire. Read on to find out the difference between hiring/buying and what might be best for you and your business.

Grab hire lorry

Buying Is Expensive

The biggest benefit of plant hire is probably the cost. Plant machinery can often cost a lot of money to buy outright, with equipment costing in the thousands. If you’re a small business starting out, or even a large business that wants to expand, it can sometimes be an investment too far that you cannot budget for.

Luckily plant hire allows you to save this money, with rental costs considerably lower than what you can expect for buying the equipment outright. Also as soon as you buy a piece of equipment, it will begin to decrease in value. Plant hire will allow you to have access to state-of-the-art pieces of machinery that are maintained to an incredibly high standard. You won’t have to worry about maintenance at all so there are no worries about expensive repairs affecting your business.

Hiring Costs Can Stack Up

On the flip side, hiring costs can begin to stack up. If you’re frequently renting equipment, or renting for long periods of time, the money can quickly stack up, and may even eclipse the amount that a new piece of equipment could cost outright.

Hiring Means No Storing

Another benefit of hiring equipment instead of buying outright is that you won’t have to worry about storing it. This is a great benefit if your premises have limited space, as plant equipment is generally quite large and will take up a lot of room. You can then use this saved space for whatever you want, such as additional space to expand your operations.

Plant Hire Services From Mark Luck

Here at Mark Luck Ltd, we offer plant hire to customers in London and beyond. We have a fleet of over 45 vehicles available for hire to customers who are in need of vehicles for waste disposal, moving aggregates or more. Our vehicles include state-of-the-art vehicles that you can rely on, and with a selection of grabbers, tippers and more we are more than capable of finding you the right equipment for your needs.

As well as offering plant hire, we can offer commercial waste removal on your behalf. We are registered carriers of waste with the Environmental Agency, so you can rest assured by working with us that any licensed waste disposal carried out on your behalf falls in line with all necessary regulations.

If you’d like to find out more about our plant hire or any of the other services we offer, get in touch with us today,

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