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Rubbish Clearance Options For Your Self Build Project

Self-build projects are exciting endeavours! Allowing you to create the home of your dreams. But, these projects require a lot of forethought and careful planning from start to finish. When it comes to self-build projects, waste management is vital, ensuring that all construction waste is disposed of safely and legitimately.


Our blog looks into self-build projects and the various waste removal options that are available. So, if you’re looking for the most effective ways to clear your self-build site, keep reading!

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Self Build Projects: An Overview

If you’re not too sure what self-build projects are, our overview gives you an in depth look at self-builds and why people choose to do them!

What Is A Self Build Project?

A self-build project is essentially a construction project where your bespoke home is created completely tailored to your needs and wants. Around 13,000 people decide to self-build every year, rather than buying property.


Self-builds come with a lot of moving parts, allowing you to be involved in every stage of development. From the plot of land to planning and designing, there is a lot to think about when it comes to a construction project like this. And, as building contractors, plumbers, and decorators all finish up on your bespoke home, there will be construction waste to dispose of. We’ll dive into waste disposal options later on in this blog!

Benefits Of Self-Builds

Self-builds hold a range of benefits, which is why people decide to do them! If you’re interested in self-building, or want to learn more, read below to find just a few of the benefits!

Completely Bespoke

This is one of the major benefits of a self-build and is extremely important to some people. Having complete control and choice in every step of building a home is important to many individuals. You are able to add as many bespoke features as you like (depending on your budget) and completely tailor your home to your individual needs.


Whether you want your home to reflect your personality, be your serene escape or be efficient and functional, you can incorporate any element you like. Self-building removes any strains or limits when it comes to home design.


In modern times, it’s important to many people to create as little harm to the environment as possible, and self-builds allow you to do this. Because you are in control of your design process, if eco-friendliness is important to you, you have the power to include as many green features as you like.


From insulation materials to renewable energy like solar panels, the limits are endless for more eco-conscious design choices. These kinds of investments can also help you save money in the long run, on electricity, bills and other expenses.

Being Involved

Whether you love developing properties, or you’re simply passionate about your new dream home, being involved is important to many of us. It allows us to really get invested in a project and feel passionately about it.


When it comes to self builds, many people want to be involved every step of the way, to ensure that everything is being done to their requirements. It helps to ensure that things go to plan and no mistakes are made (no matter how big or small).

Quality Craftsmanship

Because you are the one making all the decisions regarding your self-build project, you will most likely be selecting contractors and other professionals to work on your project. You are able to select the contractors and other employees that you would like to work on your home. This means you can select quality employees to come and carry out work on your home.


By selecting professionals that you know and trust, or professionals who carry out quality work, you can rest assured that your project is going to be completed to an excellent standard. You can also work with these professionals to ensure that your vision comes to life.

Self-Build Rubbish Clearance Options

When it comes to clearing the rubbish and left over construction materials from your self-build, there are a few options you can consider. Read below to hear some of the most common ways people clear their construction rubbish.

Skip Hire

Skip hire is a popular option for many self-build projects. You can choose the size of your skip, depending on how much waste your site creates, and have it delivered to your construction site. One of the great perks that comes with skip hire is the convenience! By having your skip easily accessible and at your site, it makes getting rid of junk and waste much easier. It helps to keep your construction area free of rubble and clutter, as the skip is right where it needs to be.


Skips hire is one of the more expensive options for rubbish removal, however it is a convenient and seamless way to dispose of your waste.

Skip Bags

If your self-build is a small-scale project, or you aren’t expecting too much waste, skip bags are a good alternative to skip hire. You might not need something as large as a skip, which is where skip bags come in! These handy bags are an extremely convenient solution for smaller scale projects and they can be bought in a range of sizes.


When you’ve filled your skip bag, you can leave it in a designated space to come and be collected by your provider. It’s a convenient way to dispose of rubbish on a smaller scale, and is more cost effective than hiring an entire skip.

Local Tips

Taking your construction waste to a local tip is another good way to dispose of your waste if there isn't too much. Local tips will usually have a list of waste that they accept or do not accept, so be sure to check this before taking all your waste there. If there are appliances and other electrical items you want to get rid of, most local tips will accept these, but double check their website to be sure.


Some local tips will allocate you a time slot to bring your waste, so be sure to check the website of your local tip before disposing of your construction waste.

Hazardous Waste

If any hazardous waste has been created at your self-build site, these items cannot be taken to local skips or disposed of with skip hire. Some materials that would be considered hazardous are:


●     Asbestos

●     Chemicals

●     Solvents

●     Certain types of paint


Waste that can cause disruptions to water or local ecosystems is also considered hazardous and must be collected by a specialist. By using a specialist service, you are ensuring the safety of yourself, anyone working on your self-build, and others.

Waste Removal Services

Waste removal services, also known as ‘A Man With A Van’ is a great alternative to skip hire or skip bags. Not only are waste removal services less expensive, they also offer a seamless and convenient service. Most waste removal services will recycle a majority of your waste, and see what can be upcycled for other projects. Your waste removal professionals will come to your site, collect all of your waste and dispose of it safely.


Here at Mark Luck, we try to recycle as much waste as possible, ensuring that minimal waste goes to landfill sites. Recycled building materials can go on to be upcycled, or used on other projects. Waste removal services are just as efficient as skip hire, without the additional costs.

Mark Luck: Demolition Waste, Haulage Services & More

Here at Mark Luck, we offer excellent waste removal services across London, Kent & Sussex. Our team is committed to carrying out seamless and efficient waste collection services. With advanced equipment and a team of qualified professionals, we get the job done properly.


For further enquiries about any of our services, feel free to check out our website for more information. Alternatively, you can contact us directly for more information. Our team will be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Book your site clearance time-slot today!

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