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The Top Advantages Of Hiring Low Loader Trailers

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

A low loader trailer serves a range of purposes, from transporting large quantities of aggregate and material, to conveniently allowing other forms of plant hire to be loaded and unloaded from this convenient asset. Though you may be keen to acquire a low loader, these bulky trailers can often prove expensive to outright purchase - so why not let the experts at Mark Luck Ltd guide you through all you need to know concerning temporary hire in 2023.

Articulated lorry

What Is A Low Loader?

Low loaders are a unique type of trailer, designed to help users load and carry heavy equipment, safely and securely. Low loader trailers provide a robust transportation option for even the toughest to shift machinery, typically sitting closer to the ground for the sake of convenience. Lowering the centre of gravity of your load, stability is enhanced, while those in possession of a low loader can easily raise and lower the deck as needed. Helping to meet road regulations and navigate various assets from A to B, some jobs would be near impossible without a hired trailer.


The last thing any stakeholder wants is to pay over the odds for machinery, parts and materials when planning and executing a construction job - this is certainly the case when overseeing the acquisition of complex and otherwise costly utilities such as low loader trailers. With flexible hire terms and specific quotes always available, hiring from Mark Luck Ltd could hardly be simpler. Have all plant machinery delivered directly to your site for a previously agreed term, and have it collected once utilised with no additional hassle.


Hiring your required machinery and goods provides you the opportunity to be much more flexible with your project, not relying on a fixed agreement if this isn’t to your preference. If plans change in the middle of a project and you find that you don’t have the exact equipment needed to finish a job, our flexible service allows you to acquire exactly what you need, when you need it. Choose what equipment you need, including in the middle of a complicated project if you realise you need something else.


Noteworthy in quality and brand name, hiring our low loader trailers gives you the chance to get your hands on the highest specification of machinery, ensuring a job well done and with the latest in innovative transport. Any equipment you hire from us has been quality-checked by professionals and remains in complete working order as per our policies and customer promises, undergoing regular testing and servicing.

Here At Mark Luck Ltd, we have a history of fantastic customer service, a well-maintained fleet of vehicles and a wide range of services including building materials supplies, waste away clearances and more. Interested in learning about how we can assist you and your organisation with plant hire or waste disposal? Simply contact us today! We would be delighted to help.

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