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The Top Ways You Can Repurpose Your Cleared Green Waste

Building projects and landscaping involves a reworking of outdoor spaces to make them fit for purpose. Often, this requires the clearance of large amounts of organic matter in order to make room for new plants or manmade structures, where this can lead to an accumulation of green waste. Green waste is generally defined as natural materials that can biodegrade, where this includes leaves, grasses and plants.


Whether you’re clearing out your garden after the winter months or you’re managing a construction project that involves the clearance of natural waste, you may be wondering what to do with all of your unwanted greenery. Read on for a look at some of the top ways you can repurpose your green waste, so you can clear your site and get on with the job at hand.

green waste


One of the best ways you can repurpose your accumulated green waste is to use it to make your own compost. This can be done on a domestic or commercial scale, where organic matter decomposes over time to form a nutrient rich soil. Once your compost is matured, it can be returned to the ground to support the growth of new plant life.

Brush Piles

If you’re looking for a quick and environmentally friendly solution to your green waste problems, then you might want to consider the benefits of a brush pile. This is a pile of organic matter that has been swept into a heap, where the collection of leaves and branches makes an attractive home for local wildlife.


Your green waste can also be repurposed as part of your landscaping work. If you’re dealing with large sticks, branches and tree stumps, then these can make for naturalistic path borders or entrance points to your property. Equally, these versatile materials can be used to create raised beds or supports for climbing plants.

Professional Waste Clearance

You may find that you don’t have the facilities to repurpose green waste on your own site, especially if you’re handling a large clearance job. In this situation, you can call in the help of a professional waste clearance team to remove your unwanted organic matter. An environmentally conscious company will ensure that this waste is properly composted, recycled or repurposed on your behalf.

Mark Luck: Sustainable Waste Management Services

At Mark Luck we can assist with garden waste clearance on sites of all sizes, to help you to responsibly manage your unwanted organic material. In addition to this, we can also handle large site clearance and rubbish recycling projects, where our focus is always on reducing the quantities of waste that end up in landfill. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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