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Top Uses For Building Sand In The Construction Industry

The construction industry is dependent on a variety of materials and machinery that come together to facilitate all kinds of complex building projects. Both natural and manmade resources are combined in order to raise enduring structures from the ground up, where these buildings are primarily designed to withstand the test of time.


Aggregates are just one kind of building material that can be utilised across a range of applications. These include building sand, which can be used for everything from bricklaying to rendering. Read on to find out more about how building sand can be utilised in the construction industry.

close up of a shovel and a pile of sand


One of the most common ways that building sand is used is as an ingredient in concrete production. This aggregate is mixed with cement, measured quantities of water, and various coarse materials such as crushed stone. Together these materials combine to form concrete, which sets to produce a strong, solid base for construction.


Building sand is also used for plastering work, where this involves coating interior walls with a protective layer before they are painted. Plaster is typically created from a mix of building sand and cement, which can be applied to walls to create a smooth surface for decorating.


Landscaping is another way that building sand can be used, where it can be employed in bulk to relevel a site or to create new grassy banks. Additionally, this kind of sand can be used to secure paving stones, retaining walls and other structures as part of a landscaping design project.

Filtration & Drainage

Another essential use for building sand is filtration, where these small grains can be added to water treatment systems in order to separate out waste particles and impurities. Beyond this, construction sand can be added to soil reserves to improve site drainage, where this material forces rain water to filter through the ground more steadily.

Mark Luck: Your Trusted Aggregate Supplier

At Mark Luck, we can provide you with all the building sand you need to complete your construction project, whether you’re looking to mix your sand into concrete or you’d like to incorporate sand into your landscaping work. We offer a variety of different building sand types, so you can choose the best material to suit your project needs.


In addition to this, our range of primary aggregates also includes shingle, sharp sand and chalk, where we can deliver these materials directly to your site according to your specifications. We can also provide you with a comprehensive range of recycled aggregates, which we always source responsibly. Get in touch with us directly today to find out more about our building sand reserves.


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