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Understanding Articulated Lorries & Heavy Haulage Vehicles

The construction industry relies on the reliable transportation of materials to allow for the completion of all kinds of building work. Bricks, aggregates and timber all need to be moved to and from construction sites, where these materials often travel long distances in adverse weather conditions to get to their final destination.


In order for this transportation process to be carried out successfully, contractors and project managers must work with a dependable fleet of articulated lorries and heavy haulage vehicles. These motors are especially designed to haul heavy loads across long distances and difficult terrain, where their large payloads and sturdy bodies are built to withstand these tough conditions.


Read on to find out more about the purpose built features of these vehicles, with a look at how they are designed with heavy haulage in mind.

articulated lorries

Articulated Chassis

One of the standout features of a heavy haulage vehicle is its articulated chassis, where this jointed design allows a large truck to pivot in the centre. This specially designed joint gives these large vehicles an extra flexibility, allowing them to manoeuvre across difficult terrain all whilst carrying heavy loads.

Rough Terrain Capabilities

Articulated lorries are also designed with off-roading and rough terrain capabilities, which allows them to deliver heavy loads to building sites. The vehicle’s articulated chassis provides increased stability on slopes, whilst all wheel drive systems instil further traction that is essential for navigating uneven ground.

High Payload

Another essential feature of an articulated lorry is its high payload capacity. This is essential for the transportation of construction materials such as stone, brick and soil, which are required in large quantities and can be very heavy. The design of these trucks optimises space potential while balancing this with stability and off roading capabilities.

Tipping Mechanism

Heavy haulage vehicles also tend to feature a reliable tipping mechanism, where this is usually powered using hydraulics. The vehicle will be built with an articulated truck feature that can tip or dump its entire contents at the touch of a button, where this simplifies the unloading process, particularly with loose goods such as soil or aggregates.

Mark Luck: Articulated Lorry Hire & Road Haulage Services

At Mark Luck, we have a dependable fleet of articulated lorries and bulk haulers, available to hire at an affordable price. Our range includes alloy tipping trailers, low loaders and rear lift tractor units, where all of our vehicles are fitted with on board weighing systems and four way accident cameras.


These trucks are designed for long distance heavy haulage across difficult terrain, so you can trust your materials will arrive at your site on time. Get in touch with our helpful team today to find out more about hiring one of our articulated lorries.

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