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What Are the Different Types of Muck Away Services?

Muck away is part of a waste disposal service and involves the removal of waste or soil from a site during earthwork operations. There are several different types of muckaway services that your business may require. Many muckaway companies can help you with a range of waste disposal services including hazardous, non-hazardous or inert waste.


Here is a guide to the different types.


Inert muck away

Inert muck away is waste that does not undergo any significant physical, chemical or biological transformations and won’t affect any other matter with which it comes into contact. This means it is not hazardous and can’t impact any other materials. Inert muck away usually covers matter such as brick, stone and subsoil - typically excavated materials. Waste disposal services can offer an analysis of your soil report to recommend the best disposal programme to use.

Non-hazardous muck away

This kind of muck away includes soil from site clearance and excavations, building and demolition waste, silt and sludge. It is important to check the waste is non-hazardous before it is collected. Examples of non-hazardous waste include:


-       Waste not listed in the List of Waste Regulations

-       Mirror entry waste that does not exhibit hazardous properties

-       Stable non-reactive hazardous waste

-       Asbestos waste which displays no other hazards (going to an asbestos cell)

-       Waste with a high gypsum content that meets the total organic carbon and dissolved organic carbon.


Non-hazardous waste will be divided into two landfill tax bands, a standard rate and a lower rate. The amount you pay is determined by the level of contaminants.

Hazardous muck away

This kind of muckaway covers any waste that poses a substantial threat to public health or the environment.  There is strict regulation and legislation for the removal of hazardous waste so it’s important to find the right waste disposal service to do so. Hazardous waste can only be deposited in a stable non-reactive hazardous waste cell at a landfill for non-hazardous waste if it is stable and non-reactive. This includes:


-       Chemicals/hydrocarbons TPHs

-       Solvents/heavy metals

-       Invasive plants

-       Contaminated soils

-       Asbestos


Are you looking for site clearance, muck away services or a waste disposal service? Mark Luck Ltd is here to help. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you with muckaway services.

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