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Why You Should Consider Road Haulage Services During Building Projects

Whether it’s a house extension or a new office block, building projects of all shapes and sizes require meticulous planning to get them off the ground - literally. While there are many moving parts that need to be coordinated in order for a construction project to run smoothly, one of the most important of these is the transportation of material goods. After all, if your construction materials and equipment aren’t delivered to your site on time, it will throw off your whole schedule and the project won’t be completed on time.


Fortunately, using road haulage services is an effective way to prevent this from happening. If you’re considering using road haulage services for an upcoming construction project, in this blog we’ll discuss all of the ways you can expect to benefit from using this type of service.

mark luck articulated lorry

What Are Road Haulage Services?

Have you ever spotted large pieces of equipment or machinery on a construction site and wondered how they got it there? Well, it’s all thanks to the work of the road haulage services industry. Simply put, road haulage services refer to the movement of oversized objects, such as large pieces of machinery or other heavy loads.


Depending on their offerings, road haulage companies will provide you with specialist haulage equipment and materials, as well as staff that know how to use it. They will use vehicles like tipping trucks, low loaders and tractor units to  transport your items securely and efficiently. Whether you require aggregates or plant hire, road haulage services can have a huge impact on the success of your project.

Speedy Material Transportation

One of the biggest benefits of using road haulage services is the streamlined transportation of construction materials it provides. Whether it's aggregates, concrete, steel or plant machinery, a reliable road haulage service will guarantee that materials and tools reach the construction site on schedule. This reduces the risk of any unnecessary delays, allowing your project to stay on track and meet deadlines.


Road haulage services excel in providing flexible and bespoke transportation solutions based on the specific needs of your project. From single loads to multiple shipments, these services can adapt to the scale of your project, making sure that the influx of materials remains smooth throughout the building process.

Cost-Effective Solution

Opting for road haulage services can prove to be a cost-effective solution for your building project. Traditional transportation methods, such as using on-site vehicles or relying on multiple suppliers for material delivery, often means that you’ll incur higher costs due to slower fulfilment and delays. On the other hand, because road haulage services offer a more centralised approach, your overall transportation expenses will be reduced as a result. Road haulage services also tend to work on economies of scale, allowing you to benefit from bulk transportation rates.

Time Efficiency

Because construction projects are typically constrained to strict deadlines, time is very much of the essence. This means that delays in material delivery can have a massive impact on project timelines, leading to bigger costs and potential penalties. With road haulage services, you can rest assured that materials are delivered promptly, minimising the potential of downtime on the construction site. The efficiency of road haulage services can even lead to accelerating the overall project timeline, allowing you to complete your project ahead of schedule.


With an increasing number of companies making sustainability a priority in their processes, road haulage services offer a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation methods. Many articulated haulage companies make use of modern, fuel-efficient vehicles that adhere to stringent emission standards.


On top of this, consolidating materials into fewer shipments and utilising optimised routes can further reduce the carbon footprint of your construction project. By choosing road haulage services, you not only benefit from their efficiency but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious construction process - great for your company’s reputation!

Safer Projects

Everyone knows that safety is an absolute necessity in the construction industry, and you might not have considered that road haulage services can play a role in helping to keep everyone on-site safe from hazards. Road haulage services prioritise safety protocols at every turn, making sure that materials are transported from A to B securely and in compliance with industry regulations. A top-rated provider will also employ experienced drivers trained in handling construction materials. This expertise, combined with the use of well-maintained and specialised vehicles, reduces the risk of accidents during transit.

Better Coordination with Suppliers

Construction projects often involve multiple suppliers providing various materials and equipment, and coordinating these suppliers to provide timely deliveries can be a logistical challenge. Road haulage services simplify this coordination process by acting as a central point of contact for material transportation. By working with a reputable road haulage provider, you can simplify your communication with different suppliers. This results in a more organised flow of materials to the construction site, which reduces the burden on your project management team and minimises the risk of errors.


Why Choose Mark Luck for Road Haulage Services?

As professional bulk haulers, Mark Luck Ltd is committed to providing the highest possible standard of service at the most competitive rates. Whether you’re organising efficient flatbed trailer hire for an ambitious project, searching for local haulage services or acquiring multiple low loader trailers, our ever-expanding vehicle fleet is sure to impress.


Our fleet of modern articulated lorries and other bulk haulers are well maintained, and our own drivers are trained, qualified and experienced. We are specialists in the transportation of any material that can be carried on an aluminium 30 tonne tipping body. This is a good option if you want large quantities of materials as an artic can carry up to 30 tonnes.


We are a well-established company with a great reputation, with depots in South East London, and Kent. Our modern fleet are all LEZ (Lower emissions zone) and chapter 8 compliant, fitted with on-board weighing systems and four way accident cameras. We take pride in our vehicles, and because they are looked after so well, breakdowns are kept to an absolute minimum, so we won’t let you down.

Our Trailers

We supply a selection of heavy haulage trailers to meet the needs of various construction projects, including:


●      30 Yard Alloy Tipping Trailers: Tipping trailers, with weigh loaders and automatic tailgates, are used to carry up to 30 tonnes of quarried aggregates such as sand, gravel and shingle.

●      Low-Load Trailers: Low-loader trailers can be used to carry plants and vehicles of varying weights. We can provide you with a quote as required.

●      Rear Lift Tractor Units: 6X2 rear-lift tractor units (44 tonnes) are configured to maximise payload and offer reduced tyre wear. Driven on twin wheels, they are suitable for all site conditions.

Road Haulage Services You Can Count On

If you’re embarking on a construction project in London, Mark Luck Ltd is the company to work with. Whether you need to grab a lorry hire for a specific job, waste clearance to tidy up your site or road haulage services to make sure your materials and equipment are delivered on time, our team will reliably provide you with the work you need to help you see your project through to completion. We strive to meet the needs of a variety of different projects, so regardless of what you are hoping to achieve we can fulfil your requirements. For more information on pricing information or to obtain a quote, please get in touch with us today.

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