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Your Guide to Crushed Tarmac and Its Uses

Crushed tarmac has many different uses and adds a practical and attractive feature to many homes and properties. No matter what look you are going for, crushed tarmac is often a great decision. If you are considering finding crushed tarmac, crushed concrete or other recycled aggregates, you may be wondering why you should choose crushed tarmac, here are some ideas.


Keep reading to learn more about crushed tarmac.

Crushed tarmac

What is crushed tarmac?

Crushed tarmac is an aggregate derived from a cold milling machine. This machine removes the top layer of a paved area such as a road or pavement. The remaining waste is moved into a lorry as road planings. Crushed tarmac is ideal for projects where functionality and strength precede visual appeal. It is an affordable material and doesn’t require maintenance.

Where to use crushed tarmac?

Crushed tarmac has many applications and is widely popular because of its affordability and functionality. That being said, aggregate is mostly used for areas like driveways, roads, building sub-bases, hard-standings, farm tracks and more. If you need a strong and durable surface that witnesses a lot of foot traffic, crushed tarmac is a great option.


-       Road construction and maintenance: Crushed tarmac is commonly used as an aggregate in the construction and maintenance of roads. It can be mixed with other materials such as recycled aggregates, gravel and sand to create asphalt.


-       Driveways and car parks: You will also see crushed tarmac used in car parks and for driveways as it offers a durable and cost-effective option for these areas.


-       Base materials: If a durable material is needed as a base for constructing roads and pavements, crushed tarmac can be used. It offers stability and support to the upper layers.

-       Reclamation: Crushed tarmac can be recycled and reused to offer a more sustainable practice. This means fewer raw materials are required and it promotes sustainability in construction projects.


-       Trail and path construction: Crushed tarmac creates a suitable material for trails, paths and walkways. It offers a firm and stable surface for pedestrians and cyclists.


Looking for crushed tarmac services? Look no further than Mark Luck Ltd. We provide a range of services including recycled aggregates, crushed concrete and crushed tarmac. Contact us for more information.

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