Waste Away

Waste disposal services

Waste away services:

For over 80 years we have been providing waste disposal services to the industry. Mark Luck Ltd offers a complete Waste Disposal service with a range of options for the collection of your waste, designed to suit every requirement no matter how large or small the site is. Our waste disposable service allows us to dispose of all types of waste; all we require is a description of the material and a soil report to determine the classification of the material and the correct procedure for disposal. We can then determine, based on the customer’s needs, the type of vehicle needed to remove the material from site. The standard time allowed is 30 minutes on a grab vehicle and 15 minutes on a tipper this is free of charge. The time can be extended if requested in advance and is chargeable.

Waste disposal services include:

• Removal of inert spoil (muck away)

• Removal of demolition waste

• Removal of all levels of contaminated soils

• Removal of vegetation & general rubbish

These services are executed using conventional 32 tonne tippers, grab lorries and roll-on roll-off bins and skips.

This has become a major part of our business over recent years with the ever increasing legislation of transferring waste in the correct manner, ensuring we are “Duty of Care” compliant.

Our cradle to grave service, detailed below, gives complete peace of mind:

• Soil Report received at sales office by e-mail, fax or post

• Report is surveyed in-house before being passed to various disposal points for approval or rejection

• Careful consideration is then given to decide which disposal point is to be used with regard to price, location and ability to receive the waste when our clients require removal

• Our price, including transport & disposal costs and Landfill tax (if applicable), is then confirmed to the enquirer

• When orders become live we will then provide details of the approved disposal facility

• Upon removal, copies of all Transfer Notes and tip tickets will be available to the client ensuring full compliance.

As a company we feel our waste disposable service is a professional, reliable service which operates within the legislation set out by the environment agency, ensuring all waste is disposed of correctly and in a safe manner.